Welcome to ExtraordinaryApps.com.

Our goal is to provide you with android applications that are easy an enjoyable to use. You can find more information about our android applications like our flagship product PetPlanner on our products page and if you need help learning how to use one of our products please visit the Documentation page for detailed help files and quick-start guides.

PP_Feature_graphicHere at ExtraordinaryApps we value and respect our customer’s privacy. When we design our applications we only request the minimum permissions need to run the app. We do not collect or store any data on you or your phones usage. Any free apps that we offer are truly free! We do not insert ads or collect any information to sale or share with third parties. However if you like our free apps we encourage you to donate a small sum to help fund their production.

We use our apps daily in our real lives and find that they help us stay more organized and have more time to do the things we want to do. Thank you for your interest in our applications an please check back regular basis since we are continually working on new products and Improving our old ones.